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Want to create a friendly atmosphere for your classroom that your students can access 24/7? Virtual classroom is the answer. 


With the uncertainties that we as teachers face in today's COVID climate, it is important to give your students as much of an authentic learning experience as possible. Online learning shouldn't mean that your miss out on sharing your personality and unique classroom environment with your students. Your kids should still be able to enjoy learning even in these difficult times.


Let me help you create a virtual environment that fosters creativity and learning for your students. 

Virtual Classroom Design

$45.00 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price
  • A virtual classroom could include: 

    • Unique theme
    • Personalized decorations
    • Various classroom furniture

    Add-ons for interactive classroom (additional fees apply):

    • E-library
    • Student work showcase 
    • Clickable links
    • Interactive whiteboard
    • And so much more! 
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